Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lesser Eagle vs. Greater Eagle

From a National Geographic Study done in 1890 comes the following information:

1. There are two different kinds of American Eagles. The mentality of the eagle is what causes this difference. One eagle is known as the LESSER EAGLE and one eagle is known as a GREATER EAGLE.

2. 70% of all eagles become the lesser eagle. Only 30% of all eagles go on to become the greater eagle.

3. The lesser eagle has a life span of 20 - 40 years, while the greater eagles lives much longer.

With this information comes the question... What is the real difference between the two eagles?

The difference between the two comes at a point in the life of the eagle where it literally decides to dispel mediocrity and to flourish in greatness.

Consider the mentalities of the A Lesser Eagle and A The Greater Eagle in regard to the following categories: Enemies, Storms and Diseases


1. Enemy - The nest is built in a tree, however it is hidden. It is also often built in a cave or cavern where it remains hidden form the enemy.

2. Storms - This eagle seeks shelter from the storm3. Diseases - When diseases come (to its talons or claws), this eagle does not withstand the pain and accepts death, therefore his life span is shortened.


1. Enemy - This eagle builds its nest in open sight as high up as possible. This eagle wants the enemy to know exactly where he is.

2. Storms - This eagle will perch facing the storm until it is physically impossible to stand it any longer. At this point, it spreads its wings and soars above the storm.

3. Diseases - When diseases comes, usually between 20 - 40 years of age, this eagle will pull out its talons and even its beak in the cracks of the rocks. It will bleed, starve, and fast. But, the beak grows back new as do the talons. This eagle is willing to withstand the pain in order to be made anew.

As the eagle comes to a place where it realizes that it must make a choice to become great, so it is in the life of the Christian. God is calling us to Maturity.

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